Investigating and diagnosing all types of structural and fabric deterioration in your building. We have successfully diagnosed and remediated:

  • Water leakage through building facades and roofs (including testing to AAMA and AS/NZS standards)
  • Inadequate thermal, solar and acoustic facade performance
  • Material deterioration, such as concrete spalling, render detachment and corrosion
  • Failure of protective coatings

Rehabilitation and

Can assist you in the procurement and execution of repair works. This includes:

  • Preparation of contract and tender documentation
  • Management of the tender process, including pre-selection and tender analysis
  • Contract execution and management during construction
  • Supervising contractors
  • Technical monitoring, including site inspections and assessments


Expert witness services & litigation support

We can provide you with expert opinions on statutory requirements and industry practices to either support or defend you in litigation. We currently act on instructions from most major Australian and New Zealand legal firms as well as many smaller construction litigation specialists.



Our engineers are experienced in confined space access, and hold qualifications from the internationally recognised Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), including the highest 'Level 3' qualification. We can access and assess areas that can’t be reached by traditional methods, minimising investigation time and costs.


General condition assessments & technical due diligence

Buildings are a major capital investment, which can become a major capital liability. We examine the current condition and test the performance of your asset, which allows us to forecast your likelihood of future risk. Our expert advice is based on real site conditions, not paperwork.



Heritage buildings require a sensitive approach. The materials used are often delicate and require detailed knowledge of historic construction techniques. At Apex, we have successfully navigated technical and politically challenging heritage projects through the approvals process.


Upgrading, refurbishment, re-cladding & repositioning

Upgrading or re-positioning can require modifying the old facade or even installing a new one. We work to understand the constraints of the existing structure so we can apply the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions, increasing your asset’s performance and improving market perception.


We support you right through to the final implementation with timely input to achieve the results you need